Evolution – Planned by God?

 And He it is Who created man from water… (Al-Quran 25:54)

And indeed he created you by various stages…and Allah has caused you to grow out of the earth as a growth (Al-Quran 71: 14,17)

Glorify the name of thy Lord, the Most High!
Who creates then makes complete,
And Who measures, then guides,
Al-Quran 87: 1-3

This is amazing knowledge and accuracy, especially for the 7th century.

I want to acknowledge that not all Muslims believe in Evolution, which I believe may be detrimental to their faith – Why? Because everyday humankind makes advances in technology and science.

In turn – all of the scientific evidence supporting evolution, would then cause doubt in those who do not believe in evolution.

But let’s pause for a moment – Evolution is generally conceived as an idea that life came into existence to its current state today randomly by natural selection.

The problem most people have, is relating environmental science to evolution. Even though evolution is a part of environmental science curriculum.

In environmental science – all life exists in interrelationships, dependent on one another in a perfect balance of nature.

A simple example of environmental science:
1. All the wolves of the forest are hunted and killed.
2. From a lack of wolf populations, the deer in the area thrive.
3. The deer population is considerably larger than normal, their diet – tree bark – many trees die.
4. Many species who lived in the trees have no home / food – die.
5. No birds to spread seeds, no squirrels to plant nuts, less oxygen in the air… etc.

This balance is observable, but there is also a vast part that we do not completely understand. Disturb any part of the balance, and the damage is great.

Evolution brought us to the nature balance we have today – does that sound random?  This debate has and will go on for ages for those who ignore the Qur’an.

Allah (swt) has informed his creation of how they were created. It was all revealed in the 7th century – way ahead of its time.
From the Big Bang (or bounce) to Life today as we know it – we have a domino effect of evolution that is an astronomic and complex plan of Almighty Allah (swt).

Evolution is now, no longer the mark of an Atheist.  Allah (God) has revealed himself, and proven himself as our Creator.

Logically there would have to be someone who is infinite and outside of time, space, and matter. Scientists have no choice, but to agree – Something cannot come from nothing.

Many Atheists would like to say that this is an overused argument, and in turn ask this question: “Who Created God?”

This question / argument is likewise – overused yet completely naive
If no one knew about God, it would still be the same quagmire:
“Who created the ‘something’ that was before us?”

The only difference here is that, we were told exactly how we were created, by our Creator over 1,400 years ago. Thus, Muslims are not stuck in a quagmire – Atheists are.

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