6/4/2014 – What about Yemen?

I was watching an episode of VICE on HBO about the Gulf oil spill and the Yemen Houthis.

I’d bitterly watched a large group of children chanting “God is great, death to America, death to Israel, damn the Jews, victory for Allah”

There is a war going on right now in Yemen, that I had no Idea about — and neither does the the majority of American people. There are many things about this that I do – and don’t understand.

I don’t understand — Why were illegal US Bombs dropped on Yemen by any armed forces other than US armed forces?

I do understand — the increased anger toward the US by those in Yemen since discovering those bombs — causing unnecessary radicalism.

Here is what seems to be a naive statement; but — What I don’t understand is why hate all of America? Naive, yet: this brings up a very important reality.

The Reality – We see an image that we hate, and that has hurt us, then include anyone and everyone who may be associated with that image in that hatred.

I’ll never forget when my sister had told me :

She did not feel bad for the Nuclear bomb that was dropped on Japan, since “they” had done the same to us in Pearl Harbor.

And this may be a statement many people also agree with.

But it goes to show — is anyone really thinking about what it means when they say that? It means – innocent civilians who were in no way involved with what happened at Pearl Harbor were killed. Homes destroyed. Lives ruined.

Should we also suffer for what we had no hand in? Be accused for crimes we did not commit? No.

So this goes both ways – I shouldn’t stereotype people and judge people or groups based on a simple association, and neither should anyone else. (i.e. hate me for being Muslim, etc.)
This is down to the simplest and largest degrees. All are important.

We should remind ourselves of this: That anyone we meet or see is not guilty of the actions of others, only accountable for themselves.

This is why Allah had set clear laws when fighting. If all would follow these laws – avoiding collateral damage and/or mass genocide.

Something everyone needs to remember — Insha’Allah.

❤ Saida ❤


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