Ramadan — See you in a Month

I have not written a piece in a while — I’m sure that I’m not popular enough for anyone to notice, since I recently started this blog. I’ve been preparing myself for Ramadan. And any free time I’ve had to maintain this blog — I did not feel I should be using it as such.

Its time for me to quiet my tongue, open my mind — and utilize my time to raise my knowledge. I’ve been writing each verse of the Quran down individually this past couple of weeks, and annotating the verses. Putting down my thoughts, understandings, confessions, etc.

Perhaps it’s something you may want to try? Well if you haven’t already. I’m sure I’m not one of completely original ideas, ha – I personally dislike it when people tell me to try something I’ve already thought of or explain to me something I already know. But hey, sometimes I learn something new, or see things in a different way I’ve never thought of before. So, perhaps-maybe I’ve reminded you to do something – again – that you’ve done before but haven’t done in a while. You may read the Quran over again and have a better understanding of what you read, or a better understanding of something going on in your personal life.

Either way — I wont be on here for the time of Ramadan. Not a time for me to do anything but do my best – mind, body, and soul – during Ramadan & to Learn! Insha’Allah (GOD WILLING) fellow Muslims, that your Ramadan is beneficial and your reward great. Also, Insha’Allah that we are guided on the straight path.


❤ Saida


2 thoughts on “Ramadan — See you in a Month”

  1. Good luck with your Ramadan and fasting. I wish you all the success and blessings. Being a Hindu, I has never thought that I would be interested in any religion other than Hinduism ever, but now, as I read more and more about Islam and the holy month of Ramadan, I am really fascinated by it. You cannot imagine for how many hours I am reading about this continuously and with every read, my curiosity grows even more.
    Ramadan Kareem Wishes 2014

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