Bill Maher Response to UC Berkeley Petition

Bill Maher responded to the petition to remove him from performing a commencement speech at the UC Berkeley December 2014 Graduation. Khwaja Ahmed had posted a petition on after a collection of signatures from within UC Berkeley did not change the college boards decision to dis-invite Bill Maher.

His response is also very ignorant once again – and caused even more offense to Muslims and Islam as a religion. He goes to great lengths to use Reza Aslan to his defense, quoting him from Huffington Post Live, yet leaving out the points Reza made for Bill to think about why the things he says, cause others to call him a bigot.

“If people are constantly saying that the way that you are talking about something, is coming across as bigoted – you might want to stop and think about how you are saying these things. Bill Maher says he’s not a bigot – I absolutely believe him. So maybe he needs to reexamine why people keep talking about him as a bigot.” – Reza Aslan (response to Bill Maher)

Watch Reza’s exact words here: Reza Aslan: Maher ‘Comes From A Place Of Complete Amateurness’ On Religion

Why did Bill Maher not include the entire statement? Hmm… I wonder why? Oh – perhaps he wants to have a stronger defense to his argument that has “No Leg to Stand On”.

Fear is Hate’s Ugly Cousin – Stop the Ignorance. Spread the Truth – Spread Peace

No one is trying to hinder Free Speech – We do not want to promote those who speak ignorantly and perpetuate bigotry. To sign the petition follow this Link:
Petitioning University of California Berkeley – Stop Bill Maher from speaking at UC Berkeley’s December Graduation

As-Salaamu Alaykum
❤ Saida Isir ❤


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