I took a break from writing and managing this site for a while. Ok – a long while. After first converting to Islam, I was very excited. Learning new things, I felt so powerful… and having power makes you crazy. No matter what kind of power it is.

Its embarrassing quite, to delve into exactly what I’ve gone through. Let’s say that I realized, I can sit back and let the professionals do some of the work and fight some of the verbal debate battles for me. I’m one of those people who thinks she can do it all and  wanted to be the one to take credit for an original thought or theory. But after trying to do all that, it got quite exhausting and yes having some embarrassing moments. Its not that I thought I was wrong, it was that I appeared to myself – to be arrogant…

Embarrassment, not the kind you have in front of others, the one you have in front of yourself. When you look back to certain things and groan and sigh at the thought of it.

I’m ranting and going on, you may not understand, and this might be another embarrassing thing I’ve done (because this is the kind of post, I don’t review into length and simply publish as is).

Oh well. Here it is. Here I am, I’m back (Not that I have much of a fan base here).
I’m (finally) working on the American Muslim section of this website, hope to post it soon.



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