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Being in a country, where the majority of people are Christian/Catholic, is sometimes hard. It is a general misconception that Islam &  American values are incompatible.

We all know too well the events that caused tension between Islam and the rest of the world. This has caused an uproar in propaganda not only in the Mainstream Media, but on bookshelves, blogs and YouTube videos. We also know the goals of propaganda and the damage it causes.

Ignorance, hate, violence, and discrimination.

This is what shocks me: Islam could be easily liberated from all of the accusations and deceptions with some minor research, yet the accusations and deceptions continue. Just to make a quick buck$.

I know that we cannot solely place the blame on propaganda alone. There is radicalism in Islam, as there is radicalism in any other religion (i.e. Christian Radicals).  Muslim radicals are as ignorant as those who propagate Islam, they have no real faith:

Indeed Allah is not ashamed to draw a parable whether it is that of a gnat or something above it.
As for those who have faith, they know it is the truth from their Lord; and as for the faithless, they say,
‘What did Allah mean by this parable?’
Thereby He leads many astray, and thereby He guides many;
and He leads no one astray thereby except the transgressors
– Al-Quran 2:26

This blog is a place of questions and answers for all Muslims & Non-Muslims. A place to blow out some steam with debate topics – And a place where a Muslim American woman can share what she loves and admires about Islam & fellow Muslims.

It’s time we let the Truth have it’s day.

Thank you for reading,

Saida Isir


#Jihad Against Ignorance

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