I took a break from writing and managing this site for a while. Ok – a long while. After first converting to Islam, I was very excited. Learning new things, I felt so powerful… and having power makes you crazy. No matter what kind of power it is.

Its embarrassing quite, to delve into exactly what I’ve gone through. Let’s say that I realized, I can sit back and let the professionals do some of the work and fight some of the verbal debate battles for me. I’m one of those people who thinks she can do it all and  wanted to be the one to take credit for an original thought or theory. But after trying to do all that, it got quite exhausting and yes having some embarrassing moments. Its not that I thought I was wrong, it was that I appeared to myself – to be arrogant…

Embarrassment, not the kind you have in front of others, the one you have in front of yourself. When you look back to certain things and groan and sigh at the thought of it.

I’m ranting and going on, you may not understand, and this might be another embarrassing thing I’ve done (because this is the kind of post, I don’t review into length and simply publish as is).

Oh well. Here it is. Here I am, I’m back (Not that I have much of a fan base here).
I’m (finally) working on the American Muslim section of this website, hope to post it soon.



Habibi Islam

Islam is unique. The only religion not named after a human, or any thing in this world; but after a purpose. A world wide purpose. Not Christ-ians, or Mormans, or Jews from Judea – everyone in the world belongs to Islam – Submission to our Creator, a freedom above all other worldly things.

Islam – submitting to the will of Allah, God. Submitting not in the way most would think, given the predisposition of “western” thinking. When hearing the word “submit” they only understand “against their will”. Fitting to their behavior in the world, only understanding what they know.

The submission I know is one that is willfully given to Allah. The only One who knows what is best for me. The only One who knows me inside and out in every way even I cannot fathom. Who am I to be so arrogant as to think I know what is best for me?

“…and it may be that you dislike a thing while it is good for you, and it may be that you love a thing while it is evil for you; and Allah knows while you know not.” (Quran 2:216)

Performing the physical outward actions of Islam; praying 5 times daily, fasting, manners, charity, etc. has brought me relief, happiness, faith and freedom from worldly desires leading to depression and worry.

Then came the involuntary submission, that crept in and settled within me during practice. Alhamdulilah. Only through Allah was I truly guided. La ilaha il-Allah. The starting point, the Shahada. The willful declaration of your intention to submit to Allah, and worship only Him, to accept Muhammad (saw), an example of what every human should be like –  as His Prophet. Before you know it, the gift of true faith, belief and freedom came to you not only through compelling evidence of our Quran, but by the Will of Allah.

لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله
Ašhadu an la ilaha illa-llah, wa ašhadu anna Muhammadun Aabduhu wa rasuluh

I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is Allah’s servant and Messenger

Bill Maher Response to UC Berkeley Petition

Bill Maher responded to the petition to remove him from performing a commencement speech at the UC Berkeley December 2014 Graduation. Khwaja Ahmed had posted a petition on after a collection of signatures from within UC Berkeley did not change the college boards decision to dis-invite Bill Maher.

His response is also very ignorant once again – and caused even more offense to Muslims and Islam as a religion. He goes to great lengths to use Reza Aslan to his defense, quoting him from Huffington Post Live, yet leaving out the points Reza made for Bill to think about why the things he says, cause others to call him a bigot.

“If people are constantly saying that the way that you are talking about something, is coming across as bigoted – you might want to stop and think about how you are saying these things. Bill Maher says he’s not a bigot – I absolutely believe him. So maybe he needs to reexamine why people keep talking about him as a bigot.” – Reza Aslan (response to Bill Maher)

Watch Reza’s exact words here: Reza Aslan: Maher ‘Comes From A Place Of Complete Amateurness’ On Religion

Why did Bill Maher not include the entire statement? Hmm… I wonder why? Oh – perhaps he wants to have a stronger defense to his argument that has “No Leg to Stand On”.

Fear is Hate’s Ugly Cousin – Stop the Ignorance. Spread the Truth – Spread Peace

No one is trying to hinder Free Speech – We do not want to promote those who speak ignorantly and perpetuate bigotry. To sign the petition follow this Link:
Petitioning University of California Berkeley – Stop Bill Maher from speaking at UC Berkeley’s December Graduation

As-Salaamu Alaykum
❤ Saida Isir ❤

Eid Mubarak – Ramadan This Year…

We all know Ramadan this year has been tough for everyone. I myself cried many days – after witnessing war crime after war crime committed by Israel. Or should I say the Israeli Government. (If you had read one of my last posts, we went over the lesson that each individual is accountable for his/her own actions, not of others.)

Mashallah everyone who participated in Ramadan – May Allah accept our efforts & prayers…

The people of Gaza are in our hearts, but let us not forget other Muslims and many other people of all faiths around the world who are also being oppressed.

It is important to remind people that: ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE. Continue reading Eid Mubarak – Ramadan This Year…

Ramadan — See you in a Month

I have not written a piece in a while — I’m sure that I’m not popular enough for anyone to notice, since I recently started this blog. I’ve been preparing myself for Ramadan. And any free time I’ve had to maintain this blog — I did not feel I should be using it as such.

Its time for me to quiet my tongue, open my mind — and utilize my time to raise my knowledge. I’ve been writing each verse of the Quran down individually this past couple of weeks, and annotating the verses. Putting down my thoughts, understandings, confessions, etc.

Perhaps it’s something you may want to try? Well if you haven’t already. I’m sure I’m not one of completely original ideas, ha – I personally dislike it when people tell me to try something I’ve already thought of or explain to me something I already know. But hey, sometimes I learn something new, or see things in a different way I’ve never thought of before. So, perhaps-maybe I’ve reminded you to do something – again – that you’ve done before but haven’t done in a while. You may read the Quran over again and have a better understanding of what you read, or a better understanding of something going on in your personal life.

Either way — I wont be on here for the time of Ramadan. Not a time for me to do anything but do my best – mind, body, and soul – during Ramadan & to Learn! Insha’Allah (GOD WILLING) fellow Muslims, that your Ramadan is beneficial and your reward great. Also, Insha’Allah that we are guided on the straight path.


❤ Saida

Pharrel; Happy Muslims!!

Oh my goodness, I had the same idea to do this. lol probably because whenever I would listen to this song, I would think about being so happy that I’m Muslim!

Click on Links Below to Watch Happy Muslims ALL Over the World
Enjoy & Share with the world.

Happy Muslims; BOSTON
Happy Muslims; BRITAIN
Happy Muslims; CHICAGO
Happy Muslims; SINGAPORE

(If you know of a video not listed here, post links in comments below)


❤ Alhamdulilah We’re Muslim
❤ Saida Isir ❤

#Jihad Against Ignorance