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Pharrel; Happy Muslims!!

Oh my goodness, I had the same idea to do this. lol probably because whenever I would listen to this song, I would think about being so happy that I’m Muslim!

Click on Links Below to Watch Happy Muslims ALL Over the World
Enjoy & Share with the world.

Happy Muslims; BOSTON
Happy Muslims; BRITAIN
Happy Muslims; CHICAGO
Happy Muslims; SINGAPORE

(If you know of a video not listed here, post links in comments below)


❤ Alhamdulilah We’re Muslim
❤ Saida Isir ❤


Atheism – Logical?

Neil has been a big hero of mine, even though I know he is not religious either. Instead of Atheism, Agnostic is the most logical choice a person could make as far as declaring their beliefs. Continue reading Atheism – Logical?